• Sonata Arctica

    Obsessed by you, your looks, well, anyway "I would any day die for you",
    I write on paper & erased away
    Still I sit in diner Citylite, drinking coffee and reading lies
    Turn my head and I can see you, could that really be you

    Sometimes I'm wondering why you look me and you blink your eye
    You can't be acting like my Dana?
    I see your beautifull smile and I would like to run away from
    Reflections of me in your eyes, oh please

    Talk to me, show some pity
    You touch me in many, many ways
    But I'm shy can't you see



  • Commentaires

    Lundi 14 Avril 2008 à 12:59
    Soanta arctica
    énorme ce groupe je l'adore! on s'en fou mais ils sont trop bon!
    Lundi 14 Avril 2008 à 15:13
    moi aussi
    Mercredi 16 Avril 2008 à 23:13
    si familier... ta musique fait écho à la mienne. J'aime :)
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